Retinaldehyde: Vitamin A

Why we choose to use Retinaldehyde in our products over retinol!

What is Retinaldehyde?

Retinaldehyde is a stabilised form of Vitamin A that slowly converts to Retinoic Acid in the skin. Retinaldehyde is a more gentle version in the Retinoic family. Like Retinol, Retinaldehyde rejuvenates the skin and improves its cellular-turnover rate, but in a less-irritating formulation. The conversion process within the skin allows Retinaldehyde to work on a cellular level. Skin that’s more prone to sensitivity can be more tolerant of Retinaldehyde skincare products.

Both Retinaldehyde and Retinoic acid are 500 times more active than their Vitamin A counterparts! This means you can use small amounts with higher activity level that give big results without irritating the skin.

It can be used very effectively when incorporated into a liposome. By doing this, the penetration is enhanced ,an important factor in the use of Retinols because of their size and helps prevent oxidation, which also occurs with all Retinols. 

This also means, your skin’s absorption rate is increased by a clinically proven 600%! 

Retinaldehyde repairs connective tissue in the skin, boosts collagen synthesis for anti-ageing benefits and increases elasticity.  Retinaldehyde also balances sebaceous (oil) production, shrinking the skin’s pores to prevent them from getting clogged and inflamed.  

Try our ABC serum or Vitamin A DNA Repair serum. For anti ageing we recommend always starting with our ABC serum with 0.5% retinaldehyde every second day and slowly working up to our 1%.

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